April 9, 2011

Success and Failure...

“Success and failure.
We think of them as opposites,
but they're really not.
They're companions - the hero and the sidekick.”

Well this post here is real short but I just wanted to drop by and post something! :) i was somewhat bored.. well more like distracted .. the other day and saw the salt and pepper shakers. they made me think. how so many things are paired and seen together... but are complete opposites. i mean for heaven's sake, just look at some of those couples out there! ;) but really... think about all those unique pairs... its so neat to think about. how each pair are so perfect for each other. how without the other.. it just seems empty. something would just be missing. it makes me excited to see the match God has for me! how does He do it?! he truly is a genius! its so cool! Well here are a just a few pairs i came up with:

milk and cookies.. salt and pepper.. boy and girl.. king and queen.. husband and wife.. cheese and crackers.. movies and popcorn.. peanut butter and jelly.. pencil and paper.. needle and thread .. cat and dog.. lock and key.. hugs and kisses.. (:

Well theres some food for thought! (: Have a wonderful for week!
<3 Laura


amargraf said...

cute sis!

Katherine said...

Success and failure do go hand in hand. They equal us. When we fail, we learn why and we succeed next time.


Great post.

K xx

Anonymous said...

My brain is full now. :)